Monday, February 3, 2014

MV Sai Mai (Six Knots)

MV Sai Mai, oh how I dream of days cruising the crystal clear waters of Phuket. When life could be so easy, take me to a place where no one knows me and I can escape the reality of it all, if only for a little while.
With the advent of the Mobile phone and media sites, do we ever seem to get any peace or any quiet, we all need downtime, we all need to simply switch off; people can get in contact with us 24/7. The world we live in moves at such a fast pace these days, that we sometimes just do not know whether we are coming, going or if we have already been.
Now hold on! Let’s just slow it all down for a minute, just take a moment and take a deep breath. Maybe on a cold dark winter’s day on the way to work, your mind wonders off to a faraway place, where time almost stands still.
If you have ever dreamed of exotic islands in the sun, where the skies are always blue, the waters always warm and clear and where beaches of gorgeous white sands are almost left untouched. Then do we have a treat for you!
The MV Sai Mai‘s sole mission, is to bring peace and tranquillity into people’s lives. It travels the waters of the Andaman in search of the places that you have only ever held in your dreams, moving at a pace that can only ever bring tranquillity into your life.
Sai Mai or Six Knots as she is known affectionately, we call her Six Knots because that is the speed she travels, gently ploughing the locals seas in and around Phuket is the perfect vessel for such days or relaxing.
She is perfectly fitted out to accommodate a small group of family and friends, accommodating up to 8 guests all in her luxurious air-con, en-suite cabins or if a day trip is required, then she can easily manage up to 12 guests.
Sai Mai is available throughout the year, visiting all the islands around Phuket, such as Phi Phi Islands, Koh Lanta, Taurutao, Phang Nga bay, Krabi, Racha Yai and Racha Noi, Similans, Surin Islands even trips up to Burma are possible, in fact she will go almost anywhere, such is the versatility and flexibility of her schedule.
She has three spacious cabins on board, which are all en-suite with running hot and cold water and showers, all cabins have individual controlled Air Conditioning units to. The cabins have TV and DVD players, the large suite cabins on the port and starboard sides both have a double bed and single bed inside, while the double cabin at the front of the boat has bunks beds accommodating two.
The food on Sai Mai is second to none; the cook is an expert chef and is always ready to offer cooking lessons to those interested in Thai cuisine.  We know that there are many people with different dietary needs. If there is anything you need or like or for that matter do not like, let us know and we will make sure you dine like royalty.
Sai Mai was built in the mid-nineties to a very high spec and has be maintained in similar fashion using only the finest Asian hardwoods. When she first started cruising these waters she was exclusively a dive boat, taking divers all the way to Burma and the Mergui Archipelago. Back then she won several awards for being the finest dive vessel in the Andaman Sea, the awards came from the International Diving Association.
The way Sai Mai works is like this, you tell us what you would like to do and where you would like to go, whether you want to go only to the best beaches in the area, chilling out on the sands and having barbecues for the week, or you want to dabble into the underwater world of Scuba Diving and Snorkeling or even a mixture of the three e can arrange it for you.
All of our staff are highly qualified and very experienced scuba diving instructors, all of whom have worked in the area for years and know every island and dive site. We offer a full range of differing schedules or you can even build your own, we go where you want to go, not the other way around.
If you are interested in Scuba diving, we can supply all the necessary equipment and if you would like to complete a dive course on board, this is also possible. This season alone we have seen Several Whale Sharks and about twenty Manta Rays.
The marine life in this area will simply take your breath away, what with the large predators like Barracudas, Trevallies, and Tunas and Mackerel’s hunting, all the way down the food chain to the exotic Seahorses and Pipefishes, to the happy go lucky Hawksbill Sea Turtles, it is all there come and explore and see for yourself.
The Captain and crew of Sai Mai await you, your family and friends to join them on one of the most beautiful and relaxed boats around Phuket. Six knots will take you wherever you want go, come and join us and see for yourself just what life is really like on the seas around here.
There is so much to explore and see and do. 

No need to get stressed, leave the phone at home and come cruise around the beautiful islands of Thailand and all at only at six knots. See you soon.

We also have another boat we called twenty five knots, now this is a totally different experience come and see what we mean

Written By Jason Butler

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