Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Phuket Weather Update 21/27 of January 2014

Here is the latest weather report for those keeping a check on your next holiday destination.

The Weather this time of year is very settled and quite mild for Thailand, with gentle cooler winds blowing down from the North East these winds keep it cooler. Being January and the rest northern hemisphere is shivering in the coldest time of year Phuket is basking is more favorable time of the year.

Even with the trouble in Bangkok Phukets beaches are busier than ever with Patong, Nai Harn, Surin and Laem Singh beaches recording high levels of customers. You can always guarantee great weather this time of year.

Phuket benefits from the cooler winds, though it still basks in glorious sunshine, it is the humidity that has been switched off. The weather this time of year does not change too much but it is pretty much near perfect. It is this weather in the winter months that attracts mass migration from European shores to the wonderful tranquil beaches of Phuket.]

Its also perfect weather for one of our Sunset Dinner Cruises

Here below is the last weeks weather:-

Tuesday 21st January: Max Temp 29 degrees with slight north east breeze. A little broken cloud cover all beaches reported excellent swimming and other water sport opportunities.

Wednesday 22nd January: Max Temp 30 degrees very little breeze, broken cloud cover, from the north temperature at night dropped down to 24 degrees very pleasant indeed.

Thursday 23rd January: Max Temp 30 degrees and at night hit a low of 21 degrees at night which is amazing for Phuket, again very little breezes during the day.

The dates for Phuket Bike Week have been announced Coming Shortly...

Friday 24th January: Max Temp 30 degrees down to a very pleasant 22 degrees. The cloud cover was minimal with very gentle breezes.

Saturday 25th January: Max Temp 32 degrees and dropped down to 20 degrees in the evening. Today was the hottest day of the week and also it dropped down to the coldest. Still warm though.

Sunday 26th January: Max Temp 31 degrees today with a night time low of 22 degrees. Another hot day with minimum humidity perfect weather.

Sunday 27th January: Max Temp 31 degrees down to a night time low of 24 degrees some parts 25 degrees. Very little clouid cover and north easterly breezes.

Maybe we have seen an end to some relatively mild weather: we shall see again next week. Until then, be sure to check out the upcoming events:-


Phuket Bike Week combines pure power and style with the gentle Thai culture; bringing together from all over South East Asia, some of the best motorbikes available today.

There are some machines here this week, if you are a motorbike lover, it’s the perfect atmosphere of mega machines, oil and beer, and of course some very interesting hair designs...

Chinese New Year will bring celebrations all over the island next week, with cultural events, festivals and concerts and parties in Phuket Town. In fact Phuket Town will become a hive of activity...

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