Thursday, November 21, 2013

Amazing Train Market, Mae Klong - Bangkok Tours

Today I have a trip to Floating market  is Thailand’s icon of most of the would travelers, where you will board a charming wooden boat for a cruise around this colorful market, but what I just amaze the most is not a Floating Market, but it’s a place that we stop on the way back from Floating Market to Bangkok  call “Train Market” or they call “LomHubb Market”  in Thai

Train Market is actually a local market in Mae Klong, Samut Songkhram, where all the local people go to shopping for food all kind of fresh seafood from the pear, vegetable, fruit. It’s very fresh and incredible cheep, but what make Train Market famous is not just only about that. It’s actually a market built on top of the railway of that train that is actually still running every single day, so how does it work? It’s actually interesting on this point.

Train Market in Mae Klong, Samut Songkhran north of BangkokThe train track is actually was there before the market but when the community are expanding people just need more space to make business, so they are just expand on the railway track. When the train is coming they all have to pack all the stuff and move away from the train track and move it all out again when train leave. It’s seemed to be a very normal of the people here. For packing their stuff and run away from a train. After the train leave just like nothing never happen. This train track have 5-6 trains running per day, so before you visit just make sure you check the train schedule. I hope you guy enjoy the train market as much as I do ;)

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