Friday, August 23, 2013

Phuket Weather from 19 to 23 August 2013

The week was great weather wise, sun shining everyday, just few drops during afternoon or evening that refreshed the air. Wind is now bit stronger since yesterday making fun playing with waves. Today sky was more covered the previous days but no rain.
Kitesurfing at Karon Beach
Sunset at Karon Beach

With stronger wind some kite appeared at Karon beach that is popular for surfing, kites surfing in Phuket is possible only for a short period of the year, wind is always too weak or too stronger. Also beaches are not the best and need to be there at correct tide. However there are few kitesurfing school in Phuket and if like to try ask them when will be best time.
Karon beach Phuket
Kite surfing Karon Beach

Forecast say that will blow stronger until tomorrow , so expect waves in open sea, then back to almost flat and no wind during week end and for rest of next week. However how can see from our boat MV Sai Mai in Phi Phi waves are not high and is possible to enjoy diving and sailing around, only concern is use of speedboat specially if like to avoid a bumpy way back.
Cruise with MV Sai Mai
Approaching Phuket Island 23 August 2013

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