Friday, May 31, 2013

Phuket weather 31 May 2013

Today we close first month, actually two weeks, of our reports so for future reference everyone can see how was weather in Phuket in May.

The month also closed with another great sunny day, no waves, almost flat sea and a mild wind that make perfect stay on the beach and relax. This is a great reward for those that don't listen to forecast and misunderstand what Monsoon means.

We have welcome our loyal customer Angelo back again to Phuket to enjoy holidays and few dives. Can see from his polo that he has been Easy Day Thailand first ever customer back in 2009, coming back to Phuket almost every year, actually twice in last eight months.
Phuket airport transfers with Easy Day Thailand
Mr Angelo  - our first customer
Phuket airport transfers with Easy Day Thailand
The customer no 1

At Relax Bay in front Le Meridien Beach Resort in Phuket, people enjoy playing in the calm water and relax on the sun chairs. Really a beautiful day and was as this all day long.

Despite being a public beach is basically impossible to get here if you are not an hotel, guest. There is only a walking passage in the woods to get here and isn't easy to find. Isn't allowed to enter the hotel premises with any vehicle if you are not staying at the hotel. This makes relax bay beach one of most exclusive in Phuket. But if you decided to take your diving course or dive with Sea Fun Divers, then will have the opportunity to even dive the reef there (from November to begin of May).  This is best beach dive in Phuket
Relax Bay - Phuket
Beach dive entry point - Relax Beach

Taking your diving lesson and get certified in Phuket will also mean access to best training facilities, just see how big is the pool!
Le Meridien Beach resort Phuket
Le Meridien Phuket - swimming pool

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