Monday, February 18, 2013

Reviews - Michael & Family

Great review from a loyal returning customer of Easy Day Thailand :-)
"Hello Diego,
how are you? i have to apologise because i have been meaning to send this email for a few months now.. unfortunately life kept getting in the way...but here goes...
as usual we had a wonderful trip to Phuket... our friends on their first time loved every minute of it too.. everything connected to EDT was as usual a wonderful experience. EDT ..and your.. high standard of service keeps us not only as a returning customer, but as one only too happy to give extremely positive reviews and recommendations to people who are planning trips to Phuket. 
From being met at the airport by friendly smiling faces, to the complimentary drinks you provided for us (which were extremely appreciated) in the van on our hotel transfer. the drivers and guides on the tours were excellent, only too happy to ensure we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. it was just a pity that we did not get a chance to meet you and thank you in person. 
I cannot thank you enough for the flowers that you organised for my wife on our wedding anniversary, she was very surprised and suitably impressed. that truly was an awesome example of EDT's excellent attention to detail.
We are in the process of planning another trip back to Phuket in Sept/Oct this year, so i have no doubt that we will be in touch soon to start on some details. 
I have some friends going to Phuket (based on all the great things ive told them, and all my holiday pics they have seen) in August and i have told them about you and will be strongly suggesting when they plan that they sit down with me so i can help them plan a few tours etc that im sure you will be able to help them out with.
I am attaching a couple of pics so you can see the whole group that was there in 2012, and a pic just of my family so you can see who we are.
thanks for everything again.

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