Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reviews - Jen & Eric

 Jen & Eric explored Bangkok with Easydaythailand's Tour Guide. 

"Sa-wat-dee-kah Francesco!

Getting a tour guide while in Bangkok was a brilliant idea. Thank you so much for that incredible recommendation!!:D

I didn't know who to tell, but Eric and I wanted the "powers that be" to know what a great job Pai does. Pai was an absolutely fantastic tour guide and such a gem to spend the day with!!:) We got to see/tour everything we hoped to and more. We also learned much about Buddhism and Thai culture thanks to Pai's knowledge and thoroughness. We had such a great time with her, Eric and I almost asked her to join us for dinner and drinks - she just felt like a friend by the end of the day!!:)

Hope you're well and looking forward to meeting you soon.:) 



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