Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reviews - Claire

"Dear Francesco,

Hows your holiday? Fully recharged? :)

Wish to thanks you very very much for the Phuket tour you arranged for us.
Great tour guide (Tee, Eak, and Sak)!
Great planning!
Great attitude and patience.

Also, I will like to say sorry for all the inconvenience and troubles caused during the trip. The group is quite big, so we end up with a lots of opinions.
so, even though there are agreements before, as time came by and opinions are seek from friends who came back from there, opinions started to build up. Hope you understand the situation.

Anyway, I personally do enjoy the trip very very very much!! and i loved your tourist guides. they are simply awesome.
filled me with information all the way.
and they do treat tourists as we are close friends.

Again, really thank you very much for everything arranged, and all the tolerance. Sorry if we offend you in any ways, and hope that you wont keep that in mind, for long.

Planning up a trip for my own family there, and i hope that you and your team will be willing to help us by then. :)

Claire L."

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