Thursday, February 23, 2012

Phuket Visa Run

Luca, a friend and colleague of us just went up to Ranong to do his Visa Run from Phuket.
Below a brief description of his trip to Myanmar.

RANONG (Myanmar Casino) VISA RUN UPDATE 2011- by Luca Baberi

"Just to update this Visa run as of this week.

We went in a private car (Vios) and left Kamala Beach at 5.50am arriving comfortably at the Andaman Club pier at 9.42 am and checked through to the 10.00 am ferry.
On arrival at the Myanmar side they had a second ferry to come back.

The Casino hostess had a wheelchair ready for me and asked if I wanted to go straight back.
Answering “Yes” she had someone escort me to the return ferry and scurried off up the pier with my passport and 1000 baht. She returned in a few minutes with a passport stamped in and out of Myanmar and 150 baht change (which I tipped her).
It's 850 baht for return ferry and Visa fee.

I doubt if you could do this without her queue-jumping ability – maybe if you were 1st off and hurried. The ferry is 20 minutes each way and 10 minutes each end loading .
They start at 0830 then hourly from 1000 (excepting 1300 lunchtime) until 1700.


Head north through Ranong on the dual carriageway HWY 4 through a set of traffic lights.
IGNORE any signs for Thai Immigration.
Firstly on the LHS is a Toyota dealership, then Honda (LHS) and Chevrolet (LHS).
50m further there is an Andaman Club sign and turn Left 160 degrees, doubling back around the barricade to take the 90 degree left turn.
You can no longer take a direct 90 degree Left turn here.

Head down the 90 degree road to a T intersection and turn right.
Keep going straight ahead . Looking for the Multipurpose pier, on Hwy 4044 through a 4 way crossing, (sign in Bronze lettering Andaman Club - keep looking for these) in rural areas, past a fishmeal factory on the Left and two cemeteries on the Right.

Turn Right at the Andaman Club sign and Left at the next Club sign (in Thai!) to the carpark and to the departure lounge.
You need to clear Thai Immigration (make sure you have filled out your Departure card which was stamped on your previous entry and pinned to your passport).
Take an Arrival card and fill out for your return journey.

Then go to the counter near the door where you get your ferry ticket and 3 photocopies of your passport (you pay on arrival in Myanmar – 850 baht.)
Proceed up the pier to the ferry. (VIPs get a golf cart ride! 555)

On disembarkation at the Myanmar side proceed up the jetty to Myanmar Immigration and pay at the next counter your 850 baht (60 baht I think for Thais – no visa required, just ID).
They will return your passport when you leave.
Buses will then take you to the casino and back for the next available ferry to Thailand (on the half-hour). There is a restaurant and some duty free there.
On arrival make sure you go through Thai Immigration again ( or you will be on illegal overstay) where you will get 15 days (or 90 days for One year multiple-entry Visa holders) permission to stay.

Need help with your Phuket Visa?

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