Friday, December 2, 2011

Comments & Reviews - Alexandra


Im writing to you guys because we used you guys in October and loved loved your service !!!!!!!   You definitely made our trip amazing !!! and your staff what can I say they were lovely !!!!!

I want to go back to Thailand in April Next year with agroup of about 10 of us!   And we were wanting to find a Villa or a house or something you could recommend for all of us to stay in, with a private pool kitchen etc. Something in Patong, we are all in our 20’s and going there to celebrate My Birthday.

We would also like to book all tours/transfers everything else we could possibly need through you guys & would love if you guys could help !!!!! Please !!! 

Thankyou, Hope to hear from you soon !!!!

Alexandra Sanchez
Client Services
eStrategy Group Pty Ltd

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