Thursday, May 21, 2009

Golf in Phuket

For golfers from around the world, Phuket is probably the nicest place of all for hitting a golf ball.

Thailand has plenty of good golf courses, however only in Phuket is it possible to enjoy first class golf, plus hotels in all categories, beautiful beaches and coral reefs, in case you like to diving too and last but not least, excellent food and a varied nightlife.

Many people visit Phuket to enjoy the sun, sand and beach and in addition, golfers find excellent golf courses. The number of courses on the island is growing and they are well maintained and constantly upgraded with facilities to cater all your needs. And most important – you will always find a smile.

Caddies, who are all women, are obligatory on Phuket Island’s golf courses. They add a sense of fun to every round of golf. A birdie, and your caddy will smile - miss a putt and your caddie will mourn. They know the courses and have good knowledge of the game. The golf is good everywhere.

These are all reasons that I started myself 2 years ago. Now I spend as much time on a course as possible.

Phuket Golf courses:

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