Friday, October 31, 2014

Phuket weather update October 2014 from 11th til 31st

Fast and easy we got to end of October, our last update for Phuket weather was three weeks ago.
Karon Beach - Phuket
Karon Beach on 13 October 2014

Why so long without any news about Phuket Weather? Simply because weather has been very good.
Cape Panwa - Phuket
Panoramic View from Cape Panwa in October 2014

Normal pattern for this time of the year, no wind and flat sea, during almost of the day blue sky and sunshine. Can expect anyway local storms and rain falls that last between one and two hours.

During these storms rain can be very heavy causing flash floods that affect only the area where rain is concentrated . So just stop and wait for a moment until rain slow down. There is no strong wind associated with these storms however when at sea visibility can be poor and some waves is possible but less than one meter.
Storm over Kathu -Phuket
Storm over Kathu on 13 October 2014

This is the weather situation that will bring us into the so called high season.

What is high season in Phuket : its is the period between mid October and mid May, when wind change direction blowing from north east. Bringing fresh and dry air from inland.
Patong Beach - Phuket
Patong Beach ready for high season

Now we are in the transition, the heavy rains of Summer Monsoon are over, sky is clear most of the day. However air is hot and humidity is high so dense clouds form offshore and once they are loaded or water release it to the ground or sea with this quick and strong storms

A good news is that is now time to enjoy the Sea and it is safe to swim in area and beach, rip currents are gone and sea is flat
Sea canoe at James Bond island
Sea Canoe at Koh Hong 12 October 2014

Today was an alarming news about waterspout, they are normal during October and November  and they last only few minutes, during storms there si the opportunity to take very good pictures.

Waterspout off Patong Beach

In conclusion is time to fully enjoy holidays and all activities that Phuket and surrounding areas offer.

There isn't any better time as now can enjoy the sea, the forest and the beaches

Specially good time for rafting and tubing with rivers at correct level of water

Tubing in Phang Nga 

Khao Sok tour 

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