Sunday, July 6, 2014

Phuket Bird Park

Fun day at Phuket Birds Park

Always try to find something for my active girl to do on weekend and this week I finally decided to take her to Phuket Birds Park which just opened less than a year ago and it only 10 minutes drive from where I live.

Phuket Bird Park, Easy Day Thailand
The entrance of Phuket Birds Park

Our fun day start to get exciting already from the entrance with beautiful flower hiding in green plants made us feel like coming in to enchanted forest. We had to get our tickets which is 500 Baht for adults and 300 for kids then the staff told us about time for “Bird Show” which there are 3 times per day at 10:30am, 1:30pm and 3:30pm then guided us to the gate.

First thing that made my daughter smile was this nice wooden bridge and there were some butterflies flying around us when we walking on the bridge.

Phuket Bird Park, Easy Day Thailand
Resting Corner

 The place was more quiet than what I imagined note sure if it was because we were there early in the morning, however the way they arrange the area with wind walking path, bird cages in green garden and some garden table and chairs where you can rest or sit and waiting for your daughter to finish talking to her favorite bird.

Phuket Bird Park, Easy Day Thailand
Hornbill, Parrotts and Ostrich
There are many different type of birds inside but our favorite moment of the day was when we were in the “Parrot House” 

There are many colorful parrots, some were in cages some of them just flying outside. As soon as we walk in one of the parrot flew and sit on my shoulder then we bough a piece of sweet corn then few more flew to us so we fed them.

Phuket Bird Park, Easy Day Thailand
Feeding parrots in Parrot House

I didn't think we walk around for long time before we heard the call for first birds show of the day so we start walking follow the map to the show.

It was big space which could easily take few hundred people at the show area although not many people on the first show today maybe it was 40 people all together.

Phuket Bird Park, Easy Day Thailand
Bird Show

Sonia loved the show, they started by introducing us to all the talented birds then some parrots doing bike raced and did some maths, I like the part when a giant Hornbill and the Eagle came out and show their hunting skills. They also asked the audience to volunteer in the show which is quite fun.

Phuket Bird Park, Easy Day Thailand
Our fun day at Phuket Birds Park

We walk little bit more after the show it was almost lunch time when we stop to buy some drinks and ice-cream from the cafe inside bird park and realized that we have to leave for lunch and make it to Sonia's ballet class.

As soon as we walked out from the gate of Phuket Bird Park Sonia asked “Can we come again tomorrow?”

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