Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Phuket Weather Update 12 Feb / 18 Feb 2014

Here is the latest weather report for those keeping a check on your next holiday destination.

The Weather has started to get a little warmer now in the mornings here signifying the summer months are fast approaching although it is still very  mild for Thailand, the cooler winds blowing down from the North seem  to have abated a little hence the slight rise in temperature .   

February is a fantastic month to visit Thailand and in particular Phuket
The unrest in Bangkok is still ongoing and probably will be for some time, it is not really unrest just a few  streets blocked off by protestors wanting the government to change, much the same as any other country to be fair who is happy with their rulers. 

he Thai people in general are a very tolerant race and even when protesting are very polite.But this is no reason not to come to Phuket as there are many flights each day from European airports direct to Phuket. Even So flying to Phuket via Bangkok is very straight forward with multiple airlines and flights schedule daily.  

Come and enjoy as Phuket has the high season slows a little now is a perfect time to come and see what all the fuss is about. As we are now in February Phuket revels in its best weather, the humidity is quite low making it still very pleasant even in the midday sun.

The weather this time of year does not change too much, but it is pretty much near perfect.
It is this weather in the winter months that attracts mass migration from European shores to the wonderful tranquil beaches of Phuket.

It’s also perfect weather to take a trip out to Racha Yai on Sai Mai.
Racha Yai

Here below is the last week’s weather:-

Monday February 10th: Max Temp 30 - min Temp 20 degrees very light breezes wind 18km an hour. Some light cloud cover; Great day for the beach or some sightseeing.

Tuesday 11th February: Max Temp 32 – Min temp 22 degrees again slight breeze of 15km, light cloud cover the temp dropping down to 20 late at night making the early morning very refreshing.

Wednesday 12th February: Top Temp 31 degrees and at night hit a low of 22 degrees at night again some light cover.

Thursday 13th February: Max Temp 32 degrees down to a very pleasant 23 degrees. We are still receiving question about the troubles in Bangkok, the answer is it’s an ongoing problem which does not involve tourist in any way.

Friday 14st February Max Temp 34 degrees, down to an overnight of low 23, Another great day on Paradise island and very busy here today too as it is Valentine’s Day and the local really love and get into the spirit of the whole day.

Jung Ceylon
Saturday 15th February: Max Temp 34 degrees today with a night time low of 20 degrees some early morning mist clearing before 9am, as the temp starts to rise. Another day of sunshine and passing clouds maybe another day on the beach or maybe a little sightseeing.

Sunday 16th February: Max Temp 32 degrees down to a night time low of 21 degrees another great day Sunday is great in Phuket the roads are a little quieter today we went over to the big shopping centre in Patong Jung Ceylon.

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