Sunday, October 6, 2013

Phuket weather 4 to 6 October 2013 - Phuket vegetarian festival

After three days of really heavy rain this evening seems more quiet so activities for most important event in Phuket Island can go ahead.

On 4th October the Phuket Vegetarian Festival as officially started and during the night at the Shrines "lantern Poles" where raised to show the way to Emperor Gods that have descended to Earth. Firecrackers and fireworks lighted the dark sky, despite the rain.
Phuket Vegetarian festival - Ban bang Niaw Shire
Ban Bang Niaw Shrine - Phuket Town

During next nine days there will be processions and activities all around the island. The tradition says that people should purify their bodies and minds during this time. Food will be vegan, also some flavors such as onions and garlic are forbidden.

Some couple will even sleep in different houses to rejoin only on 14 October. That night will mark the end of Phuket Vegetarian Festival. Until then no alcohol and no smoking for those that adhere to the festival.

Everyone will ask other around "will you eat Je?". "Je" (the e sound like in wet) means follow the Chinese tradition and for nine days eat only vegan food, no alcohol, no smoking. Purify your body and your mind.

Can also decide to just do it for just last even, five or three days of the festival that will see many of Phuket resident busy all day looking for the vegan food offered on the streets and in the restaurants.

Phuket vegetarian festival   - vegan food in Phuket
Food stalls in Phuket Town 5th October 2013

Around Phuket predominant color will be Yellow and red, many houses from Chinese descendants will be open to people to pray and give offers to Gods. Will be a lot of people wearing white to gain a better state of purification.
Phuket vegetarian festival
Chinese Tradinotial altar in Phuket Town

Side of this also are famous the parades that everyday, starting from the 7th, ill go from the Shrines into Phuket Town. Those elected and been possessed by the many spirits that have come down will perform during the parades with sharp objects passing through their cheeks.

And those in trance will bless and give fortune to the thousand believer and standers.

Nobody will mind if rain or hot, dry or flooded streets will wait for them.
Phuket vegetarian festival
Chinese Gods

The festival doesn't have fix dates need to check the lunar calendar this year it starts with new Moon on 4th October.

For more information and the schedule of Phuket Vegetarian Festival 

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