Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Biking tour Bangkok and PraPaDang

Behind the scene of the business and madness of Bangkok is actually a wild life and hidden jungle nearby downtown Bangkok. Today I have a trip to “Prapadang” which is actually a province in Samuitprakan. Prapadang is quite well known as “The Lung of Bangkok” just 6 kms from downtown Silom. They call it the lung of Bangkok because the river running around Prapadang is in the shape of a lung. It’s a very green area. You can actually find some wild life and the people there have the life style as it used to be 30 years ago.

This morning I started my trip from the pier and crossed the “Chaophraya river” to Prapadang by a little long tail boat. We then rented bicycles from near by the Thai boxing camp. The first stop was at the Siamese Fighting Fish Gallery. The gallery was established in 2009 and displays a wide variety of “Siamese Fighting Fish” and other fish found in the nearby Chaophraya River. The buildings use traditional Thai architecture and if you are not in a rush to go elsewhere, then you should take your time and relax in the gardens while enjoying refreshments from the snack bar. Next we continue our journey along the local road to the SriNaKorn Park. When we cross the arch bridge, we find ourselves in a big park surrounding a large pool with a lot of trees and gardens. This park is more than 200 Rai and we enjoy spending some time feeding the fish in the park and if you are lucky some time you will find some big monitor lizards hanging out in the garden to.

Next station I will take you to the small bridge ally way through to the village. From here you will see why they call it the Lung of Bangkok. Here they have to leave 75% of the land to be a jungle and the other 25% they can make buildings, so this area is always green and creates a lot of Oxygen to the city. For someone who has never been here before you will find yourself get lost a thousand times, so better to go there with someone experienced. At the end of the small bridge walk way, we head towards the “Bangkok Tree House” an eco-friendly 12 room boutique hotel. It’s also a very cozy living and hip place, built from bamboo reinforced with recycled metal. This is a good place to have some lunch and take a break for a while. Then it’s time to head to the “BangPung Floating market”

  just 20 minutes away. It is open every weekend and on public holidys. The charm of this floating market and the canalside lifestyle of the local community is well worth seeing. Local products and famous food such as fish-scale flowers, herbal joss sticks, Hoi Thot (fried mussel pancake), Khanom Khrok or mortar-toasted pastry, mango, etc. are also offered on sale.

We then head back to the pier and across the Chayphraya river again as we head home after a long but interesting day out. Back just on time before crazy traffic jam of Bangkok.

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