Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Phuket weather 8 and 9 July 2013

Not news is a good news, in past two days weather was perfect on line with statistics, only a bit of rain yesterday and today sunshine.

Kata Beach Phuket best surfing spot
Surfers get ready at Kata Beach
Sea is calm and basically no wind, as normal the south west monsoon wind is weak now and if we won't have any Tropical storm over Vietnam we should have a great July to enjoy the beach and all activities.
Kata Beach Phuket
People Enjoying the sunny days

Today is an important day for Muslims as Ramadan starts, for 30 days they won't eat during daylight and is time for meditation and charity. The start of holy month is difficult to be determined as depends when the raising moon that open the eighth month has been spotted.

Last, a warning, despite good weather and good sea condition keep an eye to red flags on the beaches because rip currents will continue until the Monsoon will change from North East end of October or early November. So enjoy with care and attention.
Kata Beach Phuket - red flags are on
Red flags are on in Kata Beach 

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