Thursday, July 25, 2013

Phuket Weather 25 July 2013

Weather got quickly to a stable situation and all day was a wonderful time to enjoy any kind of activities.
Traitrang Beach - Phuket
Traitrang Beach - Patong

Blue sky all day, no wind, rain or anything could bother during an holiday in Phuket.

There is always something to be aware of and this time is sunburn, after few days of bad weather everyone want to get on the beach and many like sun bathing, be carefull as air is very clear and sun is strong, so even if you feel cool and comfortable could arrive back at hotel red and burning.
have one minute fun about it

Best cure for sun burn is Aloe Vera gel, this will cool down your skin temperature, re hydrate it and will allow you too sleep well, then be careful next day.
Traitrang Beach - Phuket
Tritrang Beach - view to North

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