Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Phuket weather 24 July 2013

Heavy rain all night and during morning, so couldn't dream better for second part of teh day when sky became blue and sun was shining.
Kathu Hills - Phuket
Rain in the morning in Kathu

Never feel too bad in the morning if you have booked something, weather at tropics can change during the day bringing in beautiful surprises. Don't forget that could also start good and end up in rain, however is always enjoy at best.

A good option is to book a late departure tour, such as our new launched sunset cruise in Phuket, a bit more than half day tour as included a fantastic dinner on our renewed boat MV Sai Mai. This way can see the weather evolution during the day, fully enjoy your hotel facilities and give an easy answer to the question "what we do this evening and where we go for dinner?". And as said sky opened and clouds left space for sunshine.
Koh Bon Island - Phuket
Clear Sky sailing out for sunset cruise

Get the three in one option, half day tour on boat in the afternoon, enjoy the sunset from a privileged point of view and great on board set menu dinner. not less important still back on time to enjoy night life.
Koh Keao Yai - Phuket
Sun set at Koh Keao Yai - Phuket

Sunset cruise and dinner in Phuket
Sailing to Coral Island at sunset

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