Sunday, June 30, 2013

Phuket weather end of June 2013 - 28-29 and 30 June

We have decided to make this update for last week end of June all in once reason is that there are no news about the weather.

Kamala Beach Phuket
Kamala beach during Summer
Weather is now great with sunshine, calm sea  and weak wind that make days great and not too hot. Temperature are high as normal during summer, all activities are possible, don't forget to rest and enjoy holidays too.
Kamala Beach Phuket
Footprints on sand at Kamala Beach

If like something different for the evening then Phuket Town is the place, specially during week ends, pubs and restaurants where can blend with Phuket people life. Best guide about places in Phuket is our friend Jamie's Blog.

But lets also see how was then June in Phuket, looking back during the month we started with variable weather first week of June,  then we had the mid month heavy rains with floods, until wind became stronger and wiped clouds away and was the preparation for this great end of month that will bring us into July that usually offers very good sea and weather conditions.
Phuket Island Thailand
Phuket weather in June - sun raise

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