Monday, June 10, 2013

Phuket weather 9 and 10 June 2013

This time made one report for two days, the reason is is really raining now. During last 48 hours a lot of rain and as consequence Patong roads were flooded, the small streams around the island suddenly got big and strong.
Rain in Phuket
Clouds full of rain at horizon
big waves
Big waves come into relax bay
Wind is also strong and waves can be up to three meters, forecasts say that will stay as this for next four to five days.
What do not do in Phuket when is raining !

Don't ride motorbikes, save your money and don't rent bikes, drive a bike in Phuket isn't easy in normal conditions, when is time for heavy rain and wind it is very dangerous. So don't look for trouble and go around comfortably in a taxi.

Don't walk bare feet when roads are flooded, you will save your flip flops but won't see where you are walking with the risk to step on sharp objects, cut your feet and may get an infection.

Don't enter rooms and buildings where air con is running if you are completely wet to avoid to get sick and spend rest of the holidays in bed. Shirt and T-shirt are cheap and available every where, buy one to keep your self dry. At any 7/11 and Family Mart can buy rain ponchos for few Bahts and keep yourself dry.

Don't keep your electronics in the pockets without waterproof protection, rain can be very strong and "flood' your pockets and bag too. Best solution is a dry bag, small made in rubber and silicon they keep dry all your staff...just don't put water in :-).

Easy Day Thailand
Easy Day dry bag 5 liter
Don't play with waves, one more time we like to remind everyone that swim in the sea and play with waves on Phuket West coats during summer is dangerous because of strong rip current.

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