Friday, June 7, 2013

Phuket Weather 7 June 2013

Great surprise when I opened the house door today in early morning, a clear blue sky! I love the contrast between the lush green rain forest and the sky. We rarely see a such clean sky even during the dry season.

View of Kathu Rain Forest
Later after lunch I went to Karon Beach, in the meanwhile the sky got more covered but still very nice weather, perfect to enjoy the day on the beach or spend the day on a tour. With the winds blowing at altitude it's normal for clouds to come and go.

Swell at Karon Beach
Wind of course brings waves but this doesn't spoil the fun, somebody actually enjoys playing with the swell. There are as well areas that remain well sheltered and have flat waters also during monsoon season, like for example the beautiful Phang Nga Bay.

Red flags are scattered along the beach to warn the swimmers, especially Karon Beach is often affected by strong rip currents that can push you far away from the shore, so must always be very careful and better to stay where the water is still shallow. 

Swimmers with red flags at Karon Beach

Here below a couple links to useful articles explaining what to do if caught by a rip current, and characteristics of coastal currents in Phuket. A correct behaviour in these situations can easily save your life.

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