Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Phuket weather 19 June 2013

Wind is even stronger today so many boats have to cancel their scheduled trips, but overall weather was good almost all day sun was out.
Phuket view points
Sky over the hill and cables
Patong Phuket
Hill Top way to Patong

In the picture can see a lot of cables that are normal part of the view, as telephone lines, internet and cable TV are not buried but suspended to high posts.

Phuket Thailand
Landmark on the hill

Took a moment to get on top the hill between Kathu and Patong, when arriving from airport and staying in Patong need to go over the steep hill, and on top everyone honk in sign of respect for the Buddha in the temple on top the hill and someone says for good luck.
Phuket Shrines
Puan Tuao Kong Shrine entrance

Patong Shrine on the hill top
The Chinese shrine on Patong Hill

Patong Chinese Shrine on hill top
Shrine on Kathu Patong Hill top

A small but interesting place to go if you are in Patong, just be careful the traffic. There are many other temples and shrines around the island and each one is different. Some thing special to do until the sea calms down.

Phuket temples

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