Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Phuket weather 12 June 2013

Today more rain and strong wind with high waves and rough sea. However on Patong beach business is almost as normal, surely just few people but don't forget that temperature never drop so still between 27 and 29 Celsius, making a beach walking under a sky full of clouds even a nice thing to do.
Patong Beach Phuket
Beach vendor in Patong

Patong Beach
Tourist on the beach 

After few days raining is time for one of best activities in Phuket and most preferred by As Phuket offer a lot for this from big mall to small street stalls. 

Shopping in Patong
Junk Ceylon Shopping Center Patong

One of most popular place is Junk Ceylon shopping center in Patong, here you can find international brands and a lot of local products, go down in the basement floor for Thai handcraft souvenirs.

Shopping in Phuket
Patong shopping center

Also best time to visit the week end market so won't be too hot and will take easy to walk and see all products and enjoy tasting Thai food and fruits.

Hello to our Great Friend Tony in Germany !

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