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Loma Park – A relaxing place for the entire family

Loma Park at Patong Beach, PhuketLooking for a little space to have a picnic near the water, perhaps some exercise equipment for you or playground equipment for the kids?  You have heard mention of a park decorated with Dolphins with lots of open space right next to the beach, but are not sure where it is?

Well Loma Park is right here on Patong Beach on the north end of the Beach Road across the road from the soccer field where all the construction is going on.  Of course, depending on when you read this, the construction may have finished, so please do not count on that as a landmark, since those seem to change fairly rapidly here in Phuket.

Having lived in Phuket for over four years, I discovered Loma Park several years ago and have spent many afternoons relaxing in the shade of the trees or catching a few rays to ensure my tan.  My long time girlfriend Oi and her friends like to meet here in the afternoon to practice their unique sect of Buddhism based on the teachings of Mayshu-Sama (don’t hold me to this spelling).  He was a Japanese believer who believed this was the age of enlightenment and that through prayer and a strong belief in the power of Buddha an individual could focus this power to heal other’s or their own ailments.  So if you are wondering around Loma Park in the afternoon, you may see a group of ladies Chatting and ‘Jo-rei’ing (focusing the power of Buddha through their upraised hands) each other.

If you are feeling a bit under the weather, you may want to stop and ask for their help, it is free and just takes a couple of minutes.  I am definitely not a true believer, but I have had two major heart attacks that the doctors did not think I would survive, but am still here after Oi and her friends prayed and ‘Jo-rei’ed on countless occasions.
The Playground at Loma Park, Patong Beach
But I digress, Loma Park is a great place to spend time enjoying the wonderful weather we enjoy here in Phuket year around (skip the rainy days).   At the south end of the park is a ‘stage’ area that sees many activities throughout the year.  Patong’s annual ‘Bike Week” activities are concentrated in the park, from a vast array of tents set up offering all kinds of foods as well as clothing and other souvenir items.  The stage, of course is where the nightly concerts and shows take place with lots of great music.   The King and Queen’s Birthdays are also celebrated here as well as other Buddhist festivals. 

When the park is not given over to these and other activities it offers a large open area for picnicking under large shade trees.  Once you have setup your picnic area, it is a short walk to the water’s edge to take a refreshing dip in the Andaman Sea.

It is a great place to get some wonderful pictures of the sunsets over Patong Bay.  A good thing about the beach area here is that it is much safer for swimming then either Karon or Kata Beach with their dangerous rip currents and strong undertows.

You can bring your own food or you can be sure there are lots of vendors walking about offering many Thai delicacies’ at reasonable prices.

The park is continually being cleaned and improved with new vegetation and trees to ensure it offers a pleasant environment for visits from all over the world.  Recently the old exercise and children’s playground equipment was replaced with newer modern equipment for adults and children to use.

Written by "Uncle Doug"
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