Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Phuket weather 22 may 2013

Sunshine and blue sky keep alternating with clouds and rain, this is the weather pattern for may on a tropical island as Phuket. One thing is sure, humidity is high and why feels so hot.
Despite rains the level of waterfalls, streams and lakes in Phuket are still low as need much more to recover form dry season (January to April)

Kathu rain forest jungle in Phuket
Rain Forest in Kathu


Early morning only a thin veil of clouds so a good day, waves get bigger on the beaches facing west and wind increase every day pushing the clouds from open ocean.

Surin Baech Phuket
Surin Beach Phuket

If like to take a walk in the jungle remember to bring water with you along with a dry shirt and mosquito repellent. There are few places in Phuket where can do short jungle trekking to see the huge threes. one is Kathu Waterfall, or Tonsai Waterfall where you will find the gibbons rehabilitation center too. Tonsai is part of a National Park so need to pay the entry fee. if like a wild place free of cahrge and near good local life and restaurants then Kathu is perfect

Kathu waterfall Phuket
Kathu Waterfall


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