Sunday, May 19, 2013

Phuket weather 19 May 2013

Rain !!

Took a picture of the road in front the office, as today sky is the same all over Phuket Island.

Tick clouds full of rain that started poring down yesterday evening...that's normal for this time the year.

At least air temperature and humidity dropped so nice cool night and temperature during the day around 25 Celsius.

Kathu Phbaramee Road
Phrabaramee Road in Kathu 

Forecasts say that will be like this for two or three days..lest see tomorrow.

No wind and small waves.

What to do in Phuket when it is raining ?

A lot of things such as:

Learn scuba diving, the Open Water Course takes four days, learning new things, meeting other people and make the exciting experience to meet the underwater world....doesn't matter it's raining as most of the course will be under water 

Take a private day tour of the island and ask to include a spa treatment, this will make your day different and relaxing.
spas in Phuket
Mookda spa  Kathu

Visit Phuket Museum and see more about Phuket History,, they are cheap and very well organised

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