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Nothing to do in Phuket??

Staying here on the island paradise of Phuket and looking to enjoy all that it has to offer – Beautiful beaches, National parks, spa and massage, shopping centers, tropical jungles and a spectacular night life for those so inclined. But so far you and your family have gone to the beach; visited Jung Ceylon, spending some time wondering around window shopping; and lay out by the pool at your hotel if you have a pool.

You are wondering what else there is to do or maybe you have seen some ads for fun adventures and are unsure how to partake of these adventures. Give us call at Easy Day Thailand and we can discuss all the various options and make your arrangements, taking the stress out and putting the adventure in your vacation.

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Follow along as I outline some of the great attractions on Phuket in the Kathu area that you may have missed but that will make this an exciting vacation for you family’s scrapbooks.

Wakeboard Park Phuket
Wake Park Phuket
Ever want to try water skiing or maybe you are already an expert and want to get in a little practice, but haven’t found a good place for the whole family – Phuket Cable Ski is the answer. At Phuket Cable Ski & Phuket Wake Boarding you can ski in fresh clean water on the specially designed lake, which is 410 meters long, 110 meters wide and 2 meters deep so when you feel a little hot it’s also a great place to cool off in the water that is fresh from the mountain streams of Kathu waterfall just up the valley. The whole area is surrounded by palm trees and lush vegetation and it’s a really relaxing place. So whether you’re a expert or a newbie, there is something fun for everyone.

And if you want to relax and wonder about a beautiful waterfall, taking those breath taking pictures that can fill your photo albums once you are home – Kathu Waterfalls is just the place. Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately the best time to see the falls at their best is during the rainy season when the waters are flowing at their fullest, but then this is low season here, so not so many crowds.

Golf in Phuket - With 7 Golf courses, Phuket is a Paradise for Golfers
Perhaps Golf is the family sport or maybe it is just Mom or Dad’s passion, well either way, Phuket has six fine golf courses, all of which have been designed to take full advantage of the island's tropical trees and abundant water. Not a "real" golfer? Than visit the Phuket Adventure Mini Golf course in Bang Tao.

Looking for more speed and the excitement of race car driving - There are two go-kart tracks in Kathu; Patong Gokart Speedway and Phuket Kart Speedway and both tracks offer a number of different karts to choose from including standard karts, race karts, double seaters and kids' karts. And they are located just over the hills from Patong and close to the Kathu Waterfall.

Bike Tours in Phuket - Great for the whole family
Phuket Bike Tours
Not looking for that much speed, but something a little slower with more scenery – let us recommend one of the bike tours here in Phuket. Is there a better way to see beautiful Thailand close up than while pedaling through the country side on a bicycle. Imagine, biking along the quiet roads, in the shade of rubber trees and coconut groves with sound of birds and insects filling the morning air. You will realize every moment, how much more enjoyable a place can be when the pace is slow and leisurely.

Flying Hanuman - Phukets best Ziplining Adventure
Ever want to look do on the Jungle floor from high among the canopy of trees – Flying Hanuman is just what the doctor ordered then. Flying Hanuman is an adventure like no other on Phuket and there are similar such attractions around the world. It gives you the opportunity to take in the island’s beauty far beyond the sea, sun and sand that it is famous for. The hillsides of Kathu overflow with a thick forest that is perfect for flying among the jungle canopy. What Flying Hanuman has achieved is to provide travelers with exceptional opportunity, enjoyment, excitement and memories without impacting the natural balance within the forest environment surrounding it.

I have mentioned seeing the jungle while water skiing, and from the seat of a bicycle as you pedal around and even from high in the canopy while sliding from tree top to tree top. But how does riding on the back of huge elephant as it stomps through the jungle sound? Just tell us that you would like to try this adventure and we can set it all up at the best of the many elephant trekking companies.

Perhaps you would enjoy the thrill of knocking down those pesky targets in a relaxed atmosphere or maybe a little skeet shooting outdoors is more to your liking – There are several shooting ranges in the Kathu area that offer a variety of target shooting options, but be careful of that sore shoulder the next day. Be sure to hold the rifle or shotgun tight to your shoulder when you pull the trigger.

Or perhaps you would like to see the more cultural side of Phuket, like the Big Buddha. There are, in fact, two Buddha images. A smaller one, 12 metres high, is made of 22 tons of brass. It is dwarfed by the giant Buddha image facing eastward toward Chalong Bay and Phang Nga Bay beyond. The Phra Puttamingmongkol Akenakkiri Buddha – to give it its official name – is 45 metres high and 25 metres across at the base.

Wat Chalong - Phukets most popular Temple
Wat Chalong
Included in your tour you will discover some of Phuket's many Buddhist Temples and museums. The largest temple is Wat Chalong, which can be very busy with locals and tourists, especially on those special Buddist Holidays throughout the year, but there are small temple in every area. If you want more of a local flavor and a bit of history be sure and mention you also want to visit some of Phukets fine museums. The Thalang National Museum, the Tin Mining Museum, the Thai Hua Museum and the Philatelic Museum are all interesting. Also worth a visit is the Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World. There is something for everyone and it's always a good option if the sun is not shining in Phuket.

How about a nice quiet tour around Phuket to see some of the fabulous viewpoints so you have loads of great pictures to impress the folks back home. There are plenty of hills and viewpoints. Phromthep Cape & Kata View Point are probably the most visited places. Not as popular; but also offering excellent views are Rang Hill & Monkey Hill in Phuket Town or Radar Hill, the hill overlooking Patong Beach

Don’t be discouraged if you have missed any of these or the many more attractions there are for the family here in Phuket and the surrounding islands…Contact us here at Easy Day Thailand and we can discuss a custom tour for your family to visit the places you want to see.

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