Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Reviews - Adriano Trapani guiding Dr. Alex Tattersall

Great review for Easy Day's Underwater Paparazzi Adriano Trapani, who acted as a private photo guide for Dr. Alex Tattersall on a Similan Island Liveaboard trip on board the The Junk.

"I was fortunate when I requested a private guide on a recent trip to the Similan islands that Adriano was available at this time. As an underwater photographer, I frequently need to request private guides as the one thing that is least conducive to getting good results is having to follow a group around with an overzealous dive master. Usually the private guides will show me a few interesting subjects but what made diving with Adriano different is that he himself is a talented photographer. This meant that he was able to not only find good subject matter but also understand when this subject matter was in potentially photogenic and accessible locations. This insider knowledge enabled me to maximise my photographic opportunities and I left Thailand with a very pleasing collection of images. I’d credit much of this to diving with Adriano. Many thanks!"

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