Thursday, May 24, 2012

Easy Day Thailand Developing New Family Tours

Are you and your family thinking and planning your next vacation and considering stunning Thailand?  You have heard that Thailand is called the “Land of Smiles” with warm, constant weather, beautiful beaches, lush tropical jungles, delicious cuisine and wonderful people.  But you have also heard it is not really a family destination, rather a sex destination for men of all ages; WRONG Easy Day Thailand offers family oriented tours and vacations and is currently developing an entirely new set of family tours to expand its repertoire of offerings.  I have lived here in Thailand for four years and can enthusiastically recommend you contact Easy Day Thailand ( to help you plan and execute your next and future vacations.  Diego and Ingo, two of the owners, both long time family men married to lovely Thai ladies will be more than happy to work with you in putting together an absolutely tremendous vacation for your family.
Khao Sok National Park
Khao Sok National Park

Easy Day Thailand already specializes in providing great diving adventures on a variety of live a board yachts and have always provided themselves in giving outstanding customer service, offering essentially everything you need to make your vacation worry free.  They have continually grown and enhanced there product offering with families in mind and have the following new tours on the planning table:

Day trips to the Khoa Sok National Park for a peaceful day relaxing in a lush tropical jungle setting while taking a lazy ride on the river.

Trips and stays in Ao Nang, a quite, peaceful, real Thai town in the Krabi province, including a tour of the four islands just off the coast.

Stays in Koh Lanta or Khoa Lak, both small, uncrowded, under-developed Thai villages where you can kick back and relax without the burden of huges crowds of people or over baring shopping plaza’s.

"Death Railway" along  River Kwai
Visit and explore the River Khwae Yai better known by westerns as the scene for the block buster movie Bridge over the River Kwai” centered during World War II.  This magnificent river runs thru Kanchanaburi Province, flowing through Sangkhla Buri, Si Sawat, and Mueang Districts of Kanchanaburi Province, where it merges with the Khwae Noi to form the Mae Klong River.   Please note that in Thai it is pronounced ‘quay’ not ‘qui’ as was pointed out to me by my long time Thai girlfriend while actually watching the movie one night.

Stay here in the island paradise of Phuket and enjoy all that it has to offer – Beautiful beaches, National parks, shopping centers, tropical jungles and a spectacular night life for those so inclined.

Phang Nga Bay
Tour South Central Thailand – enjoy Phuket for a few days, then a quick1 or 2 day trip to Phi Phi island off the coast to perhaps take in some scuba diving or snorkeling; next head to Ao Nang to relax in its quiet uncrowded atmosphere; next if you are up to a very relaxing time in a very laid back Thai village you can head over to Kao Lanta before returning to Phuket.

Stay tuned to this blog for future details as we roll out these and other new trips and adventures!  If you would like Easy Day Thailand to get started planning your next vacation, do not hesitate to contact them directly through their website

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