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The province Kanchanaburi is Thailand´s third largest out of 76 provinces. It’s located 130 km west of Bangkok and it covers an area of 19,480 km². Approx 735,000 inhabitants are living in Kanchanaburi province which borders Myanmar (Burma) at the north-west.

Kanchanaburi town is the capitol of this province and has a population of 54,000. Kanchanaburi was originally established by King Rama I as a first line of defence against the Burmese, who might use the old invasion route through the Three Pagodas Pass on the Thai-Myanmar border. It is situated on the River Kwai and is the home of the famous Bridge on the Kwai. Every year in late November and early December the River Kwai Bridge Festival is held at the bridge to remind to the history of the Death Railway and the bombardments during World War II.

The Province itself captivates beautiful nature and friendly people with their native charm. The Major attractions include waterfalls, mountains, caves, national parks and of course River Kwai.

Erawan Waterfaff, Kanchanaburi Thailand The unique Erawan Waterfalls are most famous waterfalls in Kanchanaburi. Seven levels set in jungle in the Erawan National Park. The falls are worth a visit and among the most beautiful falls in whole Asia.

Kanchanaburi features also 3 war museums, 2 war cemeteries, a national museum, a historical park, hot springs, a few worth to visit Thai and Chinese temples.

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