Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Phuket weather update to 15 April 2015

Time for a weather update as finally some rain arrived making air less hot and more pleasant sleeping at night.

Weather was very hot with temperatures during the close to 40 Celsius. Sometime strong wind was carrying fresh air.
Kamala Beach - Phuket Island
Kamala Beach in April 2015

Than around 10th April first few drops of rain, just ten to twenty minutes thunderstorms that left more humidity and hot behind.

We all were looking forward for Songkarn Day and really was on 12 first real storm with rain that lasted enough to cool down the weather

On 13th April again a thunderstorm during late afternoon to help splashing water for Songkran and to refill the water reserves. An again today a nice cool rain just after lunch time
Songkran Holidays - Thailand
Ready for Songkran Day

Seems this will be the pattern for next few days, must day that it is exactly how should be after the dry period between January and mid April rain is expected
pay respect to Buddah at Songkran Day
Songkran Day 2015

This doesn't affect all activities in Phuket and soon will be time to enjoy tubing in Kapong with more water in the river

Tubing in Phuket
Tubing at Kapong

For some forecast have a look these links

If like to know how is current weather just ask us, we are happy to reply you

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