Saturday, November 8, 2014

Phuket weather update from 1st to 8th November 2014

During first part of November weather has been normal for this time the year. very good days with sunshine and nice breeze alternate to days  with clouds and grey sky, rain can be heavy.

1st and 2nd November were very good, as can see from the image of Kata Beach here below , people now enjoy free beaches and a lot of space.

Kata Beach Phuket
Kata Beach on 2nd November 2014

Kata Beach Phuket
Kata Beach without sun beds

Then on 3rd November was a grey day with clouds and rain. best for relax and enjoy spa and massage. The rain weather kept going until 5th November. Then again back to good weather on the 6th for Loy Kratong Celebration.

7th was a mix of good and bad, wind picked up but nothing serious, forecast said that week end should see storms and strong wind. However today is raining all day long and clouds cover the sky wind isn't strong at all and sea is almost flat.
Boat Lagoon Phuket
Boat Lagoon on 7th November 2014

Koh Kai Nui Island - Thailand
Koh Khai Nui Island on 7th November 2014

Forecast for Sunday then cahnged to moderate wind, no waves but surely rain.

However weather will be,  take it easy, it is holidays time and temperature is always high and it is possible to enjoy a lot of activities,

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